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We offer customized and high-level quality services by promoting an utmost transparency and strong relationship with our customers, in order to effectively respond to their needs

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Market analysis

In order to support the launch of a new product, we offer preliminary advisory, satisfaction and reputation analysis.

Business plan and strategy

We support companies in processing business plans and feasibility studies.

Web Marketing

We offer our customers the creation of online marketing campaigns and the development of websites and e-commerce.

Legal advice

Support in civil, trade and corporate law essential for drawing up ad hoc contracts for our clients
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We aim to provide information to recognize the opportunities and market problems and react accordingly, in a convenient way. (Potential Demand Analysis, Competitors, SWOT and Strategy Definition, Market Segmentation, and Positioning of a Company / Product in the Current Offering)



Business Plan:
A document that serves to outline the context of a company over a certain time horizon, enabling you to provide a “picture” of your business situation as a whole. It is based on prospective facts; Is clear, complete but synthetic and reflects both the internal vision of management and the goals to be achieved. It is destined for a variety of subjects, such as the entrepreneur, management, potential future members, private lenders, and public institutions. The Business Plan must be drafted in compliance with some general principles, including: clarity, completeness, reliability, reliability, neutrality, transparency and prudence.

Marketing Plan:
Thanks to our expertise in statistics, budgeting and project management we are able to define a marketing strategy that improves the performance of a company and / or product. This document is useful as a general reference guide or as a source for organizing activities to be carried out.

Brand Management:
Brand management in order to increase the perceived value of the consumer, reflecting brand heritage.



Web Marketing is the translation of Strategic Marketing applied to the Web. So our Team leverages the Web channel to study the market and develop business relationships in order to attract visitors interested in their online products / services. The IT area through IT knowledge is able to create Hoc and E-Commerce Web Sites.

Social Media Marketing: Target Identification, Content Creation, and Communication Strategy Management on Social Networking.



Our Legal Area is able to offer legal aid under the civil law of both theoretical and contractual obligations and contracts, through counseling and / or training, and of a practical nature by drawing up contracts or other ad hoc documents for the Client .

Corporate Consulting:
The Legal Team, through its expertise in commercial and corporate law, can provide theoretical support to the Client in identifying the ideal corporate type for the conduct of his business, and to assist him in the realization of those acts indispensable to the constitution and internal management of his / her own Body, constitution, statute or internal regulation.

Intellectual Property Advice:
The Legal Area can take steps to clarify, through consultations and training, the nature, discipline and process of registering distinctive signs such as trademarks or patents.