JECatt is a dynamic reality, composed of students from all faculties of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. The Association is supported by Partners and Knowledge Partners who provide Associates with professional training, complementary to the theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies.

JECatt also tangibly reduces the gap between the working and university world, providing exclusive job offers for members and contacts in a network that is not only Italian, but worldwide.

The Junior Enterprise Network was born in 1967 and sees 51,000 Junior Entrepreneurs in the world. JECatt allows you to get in touch with this wide Network by participating in National and International meetings such as the JADE Spring Conference in Brussels and many others.



The recruitment process is divided into the following phases:


Challenge yourself in the resolution of a Business Case


Join the community of JECatt’s consultants and experience the job of a student-consultant


Submit your application during a recruitment session (March / October)


Individual interview to make you better known by our consultants and highlight your skills


Once you have passed the trial period, you are admitted as a Member

Please note: JECatt currently considers foreign students who speak Italian (level C1)


Commercial Area

The Commercial Area is the link between our association and the market of the entrepreneurial realities we work with.

Human Resources Area

The Human Resources Area has the task of following and growing the member: in fact, it deals with the processes of selection, training and management of resources.

Audit Area

L’Area Audit si occupa del monitoraggio della qualità del lavoro svolto all’interno di JECatt formulando  anche una valutazione dei risultati ottenuti in ciascuna area. 

Legal Area

L’Area Legale lavora formalizzando i contratti, fornendo servizi di consulenza societaria, redazione Termini e Condizioni e regolamenti interni.

Communication Area

L’Area Comunicazione garantisce lo sviluppo della Brand Reputation di JECatt occupandosi della promozione online ed offline.


When and how can I apply?

To apply, you must choose the Department(s) (Max 2) for which you want to apply and complete the dedicated form on our site which will be made available in the application period. Two recruitment sessions are planned: one in September/October and one in February/March. Only applications received through this form will be considered. Requests received by email or other means will not be accepted.

What are the necessary requirements?

The only requirement is to be a student enrolled at the Cattolica University of Milan. The GPA is not considered a requirement. In the case of foreign students, the level of Italian will also be tested.

Can I send an application for more areas?

Yes, you can apply for more departments. In this case, it is necessary to complete the application form a second time or select multiple departments in the registration form. However, after the group interview we will ask you to express a single preference.

Can any department be chosen or should this be relevant to the course of study undertaken?

No, it is possible to choose the department independently of the course of study, based for example on one’s own personal abilities or interests.

How does the recruitment process work?

Once your application has been submitted for a specific department, the recruitment is divided into two steps: group interview and individual interview. A technical interview is also provided for the Audit, Sales and Communication areas.
If you are selected, after the last interview, you will begin a trial period of about 2 months after which, if the test is successful, you will be entered as a Member in JECatt.

What is the aim and advantage of etting into a Junior Enterprise? Will it prepare me for my future career?

The goal is to get to know the business world for the first time. The Juniors are structured as a real consulting firm, with a Board and functional departments. Working within one of these departments means fulfilling the same tasks that are performed in a normal company. This allows us to reach the working world, after university, with a complete work experience.
To find out more about the Junior Enterprise network, visit the Jade Italia website

How do we work with companies?

We offer real services to companies, operating in the field of management consulting. Our sales department is in charge of research and customer contact. We are not in collaboration with the University.
We mainly develop Market Analysis, Business Plan, Feasibility Studies, Marketing Campaigns and Legal Advice, crossing diverse skills: all the members, regardless of the department, participate in the projects and increase their skills and knowledge, through “learning by doing” . To learn more, visit our Services page.

What do I write in the CV?

Enter your studies and specify your most significant personal experiences, pointing out what skills these experiences have allowed you to develop. Enter all the experiences (work-related or not) that you believe are important for the development of your particular skills and that allow you to show your added value compared to others.

How long does it take?

Regarding the time taken by the association, the main difference depends from department to department. Normally for the Communication, Audit, HR and Legal department almost all the work can be done remotely and therefore the individual members manage it according to their commitments. As for the Commercial department, on the other hand, there are commitments that require the natural person, such as meetings with customers. With regard to the “common” commitments such as assemblies, meetings and Team Building, they are normally scheduled taking into account the commitments of the members and in the evening or on weekends, so that even those who work can participate. In fact, there are many members who study and work for both JECatt and the internship, managing to reconcile everything. However, the time that JECatt occupies is not little, but if you have the right motivation you can do everything.

Whoever joins a JE has passed a careful selection process, aimed at investigating the potential of the young person and his attitudes. Thus, enthusiasm, energy, result orientation, responsibility and initiative become common assets of JE, making them valuable resources at the service of companies

Maria Grazia Melchiorre

Human Resources consultant

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