Proper planning of the business strategy is what a company or business idea needs to develop and grow economically. For this reason the JECatt team provides consultancy in the field of Business plans, Feasibility studies and Business development to companies that need to define their objectives concretely, consequently defining also the resources needed to reach them.


We study the commercial potential of your product / service

We assess the potential of your company’s offer in relation to the reference market, then inserting a partial market analysis into the qualitative section of the business plan.


We study the financial needs to start your business

Through the preparation of accounting statements, we are able to estimate the financial resources necessary to start up your business and support it until the break-even point is reached.

We provide a detailed representation of your business

We produce a document that best represents the business aspects of your company, so potential financiers will be able to better evaluate the convenience of the investment.


We create a tool to monitor your business

We set your long-term goals and then define the best path to reach them. With this tool the management will be able to control the development of the activity and address it correctly.


Business plan

The Business Plan is a document that contains an analysis of the organization, the product / service and the market in which a company is located. It therefore provides an in-depth and detailed image of its current and future situation and of the relationship between it and the market. It is indispensable for planning development and for finding possible funding. It pursues these main objectives: to define the commercial potential of the business, to provide potential investors with a tool to determine the validity of the project, estimate the start-up costs of the business and the necessary capital, and provide management with a planning and control tool.

Feasibility study

To start a successful business activity, it is essential to assess the feasibility of the project a priori.

At this point, through a feasibility study, we analyze the feasibility and the risk level of the founding characteristics of the business project. An accurate feasibility study therefore allows to reduce business risk in the early stages of development, reducing the likelihood of incurring economic losses.

The most common and important aspects to consider that this study analyzes are the technical, economic, financial, legal and organizational feasibility

Business development

A fundamental aspect for having a business that produces results is the ability to take the correct strategic decisions when the situation requires it. This quality is therefore achieved by knowing your business potential and the convenience of the options considered.

In particular, the decision-making and operational process for the development of one’s business is complex in phases of strong expansion or transformation of the activity . We therefore offer our customers a continuous support strategic-decision-making through consultancy, accompanying them in the development of a successful activity.


Business development

Qualitative and quantitative study of the reference market and then strategic consultancy for the development of a restaurant business in Milan. The activity materialized with the preparation of a business plan (in Italian and English), obtaining financing, optimizing the business model and planning a strategic expansion plan for foreign countries.

Belin! – che pesto!

Business Plan

Definition of the mission and business model, analysis of competitors and assessments of market growth. Creation of an effective communication strategy and creation of a CRM system to improve the relationship with stakeholders. Finally, elaboration of the economic and financial situation of the Start-up operating in the online streaming sector.


“ Several proposals to innovate”

“JECatt supported our development through a study of the French market, identifying the commercial strategies and best practices of our competitors. Furthermore, they have structured a database of business contacts, thus creating a CRM. Finally, they have developed various proposals to innovate our market strategies.”


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