Compliance with the law is one of the most important features every business must have. JECatt can offer Legal advice and support to companies in this field. Our services concern matters of Privacy & ITCivil law (of obligations and contracts) and Company law.   


Listening to your needs

We identify and define the aspects on which to operate, thus understanding the needs of protection your business has. We believe in continuous dialog during the whole service.


Analyzing the legislation

Our consultants take care of studying the legislation for your specific case. In order to do this they always keep up to date with the latest doctrine and jurisprudence news.

Satisfying your demands

Firstly we understand the characteristics of your business, identify aspects to protect or regulate and examine the legislative framework. Then we draw up the final output.


Privacy e IT Policies

Our consultants offer consultancy in the field of Protection of Personal Data, in accordance with the new European discipline of the GDPR. They prepare ad hoc documents for your business. These are privacy and cookies policies, other documents for internal use necessary for your activity (i.e. appointment to the Data Processor) or the drafting of a guide to the regulation of Privacy. We can also draw up additional documents, such as Terms & Conditions of your online platform or any other Regulations both your online and offline service.

Civil law (of Obligations and Contracts)

JECatt Team will also be ready to provide advice and support in the area of contracts and obligations. Our consultants also take care of drafting Acts and typical or atypical Contracts that can regard your business. They pay close attention to detail and legally significant aspects. The documents drawn up from this process may consist of specific acts for a specific operation. Furthermore these documents could be standard models that you can use according to the needs identified each time.

Company law

Finally, JECatt’s experience has also focused on Commercial Law, in particular corporate law. In this Legal advice field our consultants will provide support in identifying the specific legal set-up indicated for the performance of your activity as well as in the management and internal regulation. This type of consulting is made through the preparation of the fundamental documents. The advice provided will be specifically based on your case, so as to provide a tailor-made solution based on your needs.


Legal consultancy

Privacy and contractual consulting service. Drafting of terms and conditions for an intermediation platform in the organization of events.


Legal consultancy

Consulting service. In other words this means drafting of terms and conditions for a well-known sports equipment sharing platform.

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“Highly professional service”

“JECatt was the only professional company with whom we interfaced in the last 12 months that was able to give us legal advice taking into account the strong digital imprint that characterizes us and our status as a startup. Many law firms have supported us but none of them has had that particular attention to our condition of high digitization. To all this we have added a highly professional service with availability 7/7 and total flexibility.”

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