Knowing deeply the market in which a company works or wants to enter is a foundamental requirement in order to pursue efficency. JECatt has the competences to offer clients consulting about Market analysis, Perception analysis and Market entry strategy.


We study your idea or your Company

We find out if it is possible to realize your business idea and also study the activities that bring value to your company.

We identify the Market's main caratheristics

We study the reference market of your company. Then we examine the possible areas of profit you can have.

We give you the best Strategy

We formulate a strategy that guarantees measurable objectives which can be monitored over time.


Market Analysis

We offer preliminary investigations, satisfaction and reputation studies to support the launch of new products or business ideas.

Our goal is providing information to recognize the opportunities, settings and issues of today ‘s market, and to study possible entry points. We also carry out surveys on potential buyers using tools such as questionnairesfocus groups and direct interviews.

The Market Analysis services consist in: Analysis of potential  demand and of competitors, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities), Market Segmentation and Definition of the positioning of a company / product with respect to the existing offer and finally the drafting of a strategy.

Perception analysis

This type of analysis is based on customer perception surveys. It explores and analyzes the expectations and needs of consumers. This is very useful for investigating the causes of a drop in sales performance of a product / service and in the case of launching of a new product.

Therefore, this analysis can lead to significant improvements in managing the strategy adopted towards a customer base.

Our offer consist of direct interviews (structured or semi-structured), focus groups and questionnaires. We use different methodologies including: CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview), CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview), CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview).

targeMarket entry strategy

When a company wants to enter a foreign market, there are a variety of different alternatives. These options vary based on the costrisk and level of control that can be exercised on these two. There are several strategies of entry into a new market. Though decisions must be taken with the support of reliable data and by means of specific channels.

JECatt offers a market study service set to identify the possible target countries and market segments and how to manage the entrance. After that, our team of consultants draws up a strategy of entry in order to reduce uncertainty and support the company in making the most data-driven decisions.

Drive your business beyond national borders with us!


Perception analysis

Conducting semi-structured direct interviews and providing questionnaires to customers and former clients to investigate the decline in sales in the Italian market in the field of medical products for scalp care.

Laboratoire Sintyl – Physiocoiffeur

Market analysis and Marketing strategy

Study of the reference market and of the two-year marketing strategy for a company specializing in rehabilitative robotics.



“Innovative approach”

“JECatt’s innovative approach has enabled the creation of an ad hoc strategy for our company, in addition to identifying KPIs related to several aspects. In particular: Social Media, web marketing and offline marketing and other communication channels. Moreover, their work has also led to the creation of a database of qualified prospects, useful for approaching the market.”


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