Every business needs to attract new Customers to expand the business and make its products or services known. Nowadays, in order to do this it is essential a Marketing strategy: a presence on the most important Social Networks through a Social Media Marketing calibrated on the peculiarities of the business, a Marketing Plan that defines the costs and actions for bringing to the market your product / service and to identify correctly your brand and manage it to your customer base. Thanks to the knowledge of JECatt consultants in Digital Marketing, Brand Management and Economics and Finance, it will be possible to pursue a successful Marketing strategy.


We thoroughly study your Brand, your Mission and your Values

We analyze the image and the values ​​conveyed, the competitors and the competitive arena.


We study your product and your company

We first analyze the product of interest and your company, then we define the values ​​and characteristics of the market.

We develop the strategies best suited to your needs

We create editorial plans and personalized content using the most common social platforms.


We identify the general characteristics of the market

We study the reference market together with profit areas, then defining distribution channels and interest targets.

We analyze the results obtained from the new positioning

We set goals and monitor results, working to maximize conversions.


We prepare the accounting statements

We formulate the main accounting statements that will describe the investments inherent in marketing activities, without neglecting any detail of expenditure.


Social Media Marketing

We offer a service ranging from the development of editorial plans to the creation of high quality content, thanks to graphic and creative writing skills. We carry out online advertising campaigns through Social Network platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram). We also offer strategic management of the corporate image, which is essential for achieving lead generation or visibility objectives. This process requires a daily and systematic approach.

Piano di Marketing

We offer marketing planning services: thanks to statistics, budgeting and project management skills, we are able to define a marketing strategy aimed at improving the performance of a company and / or product. The marketing plan focuses on strategic and operational activities related to a product, a product line or a brand. It is a planning tool with which companies define their marketing strategy, to re-launch existing products or to accompany their entry into the market.

Brand Management

The brand is the first visual element that links a product to a company. Proper brand management therefore makes it possible to increase brand awareness and its brand assets. In order to obtain this result it is necessary to carry out a brand management that allows the immediate transmission of the values ​​and the mission that the company aims at the customer, thus allowing it to understand the added value of the product of that specific company with respect to those of competitors.


Marketing Plan

Study of the reference market and the two-year marketing strategy for a company specialized in rehabilitative robotics.


Social Media Marketing

Creation of editorial plans and strategic management of the social media of reference for a company that offers financial consulting services.

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Autonomy and professionalism in everything they do”

“We have been working with JECatt for over six months now. The relationship has always been positive and profitable, they are available and competent. I was particularly surprised by the degree of autonomy and professionalism in everything they do, considering they are university students. I think this experience will allow them to have more than one gear for their future career path. Good luck guys, and keep it up!”

Gotha Advisory S.p.A.

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